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Cross Weave

The Cross Weave’s saturated tones and densely woven fabric make for a timeless and polished look in any setting. Trust us, it’s a real crowd pleaser…even if it’s just you and your dog

COMPOSITION: 100% Polyester

CARE: Dry clean only; any solvent except trichloroethylene. Do not bleach. Iron on low heat.

Aubergine Cross Weave


Sand Cross Weave


Sunflower Cross Weave


Cayenne Cross Weave


Raven Gray Cross Weave

raven gray

Cloud Cross Weave


Olive Green Cross Weave

olive green

Yale Blue Cross Weave

yale blue

Pebble Weave

This thickly woven upholstery shows off dynamic variations in tone and texture that produce an effect of organic movement that is especially enjoyable when your S.O. makes you sleep on the couch.

COMPOSITION: 100% Polyester

CARE: Dry clean only; any solvent except trichloroethylene. Do not bleach. Iron on low heat.

Poppy Orange Pebble Weave

poppy orange

Seashell Pebble Weave


Heathered Slate Pebble Weave

heathered slate

Heathered Taupe Pebble Weave

heathered taupe

Cinder Gray Pebble Weave

cinder gray

Avocado Pebble Weave


Mod Velvet

This alluring fabric adds luxurious appeal to any piece. Each hue holds a subtle shine of polished modern elegance. The plush texture is almost as dramatic as you are.

COMPOSITION: 100% Polyester

CARE: Dry clean only; any solvent except trichloroethylene. Do not bleach. Iron on low heat.

Steel Blue Mod Velvet

steel blue

Blue Topaz Mod Velvet

blue topaz

Jade Green Mod Velvet

jade green

Midnight Mod Velvet


Silver Gray Mod Velvet

silver gray

Vanilla Mod Velvet


Linen Weave

This organic crosshatch melds subtly contrasting tones for a simple yet elegant semblance that is smooth to the touch. If Jazz could upholster furniture, this would be it.

COMPOSITION: 20% Linen, 80% Polyester

CARE: Machine wash; Cold. Do not bleach. Air dry. Iron on medium heat. Do not dry clean.

Blue Lagoon Linen Weave

blue lagoon

Stone Blue Linen Weave

stone blue

Fog Linen Weave


Dijon Linen Weave


Peppercorn Linen Weave


Oxford Weave

These intricate yet elegant hues offer a look that is smart and well-read. Slight natural variation in tone adds brightness to each shade, resulting in an upholstery that’s a Ph.D in sophistication.

COMPOSITION: 100% Polyester

CARE: Dry clean only; any solvent except trichloroethylene. Do not bleach. Iron on low heat.

Light Steel Oxford Weave

light steel

Teal Oxford Weave


Pebble Oxford Weave


Ocean Gray Oxford Weave

ocean gray

Smoke Oxford Weave


Graphite Oxford Weave


Daffodil Oxford Weave


Aegean Blue Oxford Weave

aegean blue

Satin Weave

The Satin Weave’s heathered spin adds great depth to this thick, pronounced weave. The rich texture provides a durable surface in which the color splinters to reveal a bold and refined look. Sorry, we don’t make it in a dress.

COMPOSITION: 55% Polyester, 45% Acrylic

CARE: Machine wash; Warm. Do not bleach. Steam or air dry. Dry clean; any solvent except trichloroethylene. Iron; any temperature.

Wheat Satin Weave


Slate Gray Satin Weave

slate gray

Espresso Satin Weave


Micro Suede

This unique Micro Suede gives a gently weathered appearance to each natural hue. The taut surface maintains a sturdy shape and sleek profile, like a fine, embargoed Cuban cigar. This upholstery will finally prove to your parents that you’ve matured.

COMPOSITION: 100% Synthetic Leather

CARE: Spot clean only. Do not bleach. Air dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Mocha Micro Suede


Hazelnut Micro Suede


Whiskey Micro Suede


Charcoal Micro Suede


Vegan Leather

This rich upholstery adds an air of distinction to any room. Soft and buttery to the touch, our Vegan Leather makes for a durable surface that’s . . mmmm, butter . . sorry, we got distracted.

COMPOSITION: 100% Synthetic Leather

CARE: Spot clean only. Do not bleach. Air dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Ivory Vegan Leather


Oat Vegan Leather


Onyx Vegan Leather


Micro Weave

Custom upholsteries—solids and designs—are printed at our facility using dye-sublimation at extreme temperature to ensure the colors bind at the molecular level. This guarantees not only optimal color, but also prevents color from fading over time, thus making the Micro-weave a durable, vibrantly colored fabric that is no less gentle to the touch. Talk about hot off the press!

COMPOSITION: 100% Polyester

CARE: Dry clean only; any solvent except trichloroethylene. Do not bleach. Iron on low heat.

Retro Current Micro Weave

retro current

Mudcloth Print Micro Weave

mudcloth print

Scandinavian Tessellation Micro Weave

scandinavian tessellation

Mid Century Movement Micro Weave

mid-century movement

Falling Noir Micro Weave

falling noir

Scandinavian Drizzle Micro Weave

scandinavian drizzle

Earthy Mudcloth Print Micro Weave

earthy mudcloth print

Midnight Splash Micro Weave

midnight splash

Blue Stream Micro Weave

blue stream

Nordic Tessellation Micro Weave

nordic tessellation

Mid Century Zones Micro Weave

mid-century zones

Pretty Paradise Micro Weave

pretty paradise

Modern Tropics Micro Weave

modern tropics

Sunny Tropics Micro Weave

sunny tropics

Pink Splash Micro Weave

pink splash

Pacific Waters Micro Weave

pacific waters

Nordic Dew Micro Weave

nordic dew

Classic Monstera Micro Weave

classic monstera

Scandinavian Seams Micro Weave

scandinavian seams

Sweet Palm Micro Weave

sweet palm

Winter Tessellation Micro Weave

winter tessellation

Blue Hawaii Micro Weave

blue hawaii

Purple Palm Micro Weave

purple palm

Modern Palm Micro Weave

modern palm

Exotic Mudcloth Print Micro Weave

exotic mudcloth print

Vibrant Tessellation Micro Weave

vibrant tessellation

Retro Palm Micro Weave

retro palm

Bold Tessellation Micro Weave

bold tessellation

Midnight Dew Micro Weave

midnight dew

Monstera Sky Micro Weave

monstera sky

Sweet Paradise Micro Weave

sweet paradise

Tropical Botanicals Micro Weave

tropical botanicals

Desert Winter Micro Weave

desert winter

Pretty Southwest Micro Weave

pretty southwest

Midnight Topography Micro Weave

midnight topography

Southwest Sunset Micro Weave

southwest sunset

Sorbet Vision Micro Weave

sorbet vision

Retro Shades Micro Weave

retro shades

Vibrant Southwest Micro Weave

vibrant southwest

Dusk Micro Weave


Sunny Topography Micro Weave

sunny topography

Sunset Strokes Micro Weave

sunset strokes

Moody Topography Micro Weave

moody topography

Danish Droplets Micro Weave

danish droplets

Rainy Traces Micro Weave

rainy traces

Marble Melange Micro Weave

marble melange

Grayscale Topography Micro Weave

grayscale topography

Drops Of Retro Micro Weave

drops of retro

Nordic Clouds Micro Weave

nordic clouds

Mid Century Showers Micro Weave

mid-century showers

Lemon Garden Micro Weave

lemon garden

Chilly Topography Micro Weave

chilly topography

Emerald Envy Micro Weave

emerald envy

Terracotta Tears Micro Weave

terracotta tears

Stormy Disposition Micro Weave

stormy disposition

Sunny Horizons Micro Weave

sunny horizons

Traces Of Azure Micro Weave

traces of azure

La Vie En Rose Micro Weave

la vie en rose

Retro Disposition Micro Weave

retro disposition

Southwest Sugar Micro Weave

southwest sugar

Vibrant Modernist Micro Weave

vibrant modernist

Scales Of Gray Micro Weave

scales of gray

Modern Stain Micro Weave

modern stain

Marble & Copper Micro Weave

marble & copper

Blue Vision Micro Weave

blue vision

Nordic Movement Micro Weave

nordic movement

Seaside Amble Micro Weave

seaside amble

Evening Abstraction Micro Weave

evening abstraction

Organic Modernism Micro Weave

organic modernism

Cloudy Trails Micro Weave

cloudy trails

Pattern Play Micro Weave

pattern play

Wintergreen Wanderer Micro Weave

wintergreen wanderer

Retro Promenade Micro Weave

retro promenade

Living Layers Micro Weave

living layers

Organic Order Micro Weave

organic order

Marble & Gold Micro Weave

marble & gold

Modern Petals Micro Weave

modern petals

Obstacles Of The Dark Micro Weave

obstacles of the dark

Rosy Geometry Micro Weave

rosy geometry

Grayscale Botanicals Micro Weave

grayscale botanicals

Playful Horizon Micro Weave

playful horizon

Electric Layers Micro Weave

electric layers

Smokescreen Micro Weave


Nordic Petals Micro Weave

nordic petals

Scandinavian Petals Micro Weave

scandinavian petals

Retro Petals Micro Weave

retro petals

Nordic Chevron Micro Weave

nordic chevron

Mid Century Petals Micro Weave

mid-century petals

Autumn Leaves Micro Weave

autumn leaves

Botanical Blues Micro Weave

botanical blues

Falling Leaves Micro Weave

falling leaves

Spring Botanicals Micro Weave

spring botanicals

Exotic Chevron Micro Weave

exotic chevron

Chevron Sorbet Micro Weave

chevron sorbet

Chaparral Chevron Micro Weave

chaparral chevron

Fragments Of Night Micro Weave

fragments of night

Charming Chevron Micro Weave

charming chevron

Metallic Invasion Micro Weave

metallic invasion

Striking Chevron Micro Weave

striking chevron

Modern Watercolor Micro Weave

modern watercolor

Retro Watercolor Micro Weave

retro watercolor

Nordic Watercolor Micro Weave

nordic watercolor

Slivers Of Pink Micro Weave

slivers of pink

Starlight Abstraction Micro Weave

starlight abstraction

Fragments Of Retro Micro Weave

fragments of retro

Modern Slice Micro Weave

modern slice

Southwest Key Lime Micro Weave

southwest key lime

Electric Southwest Micro Weave

electric southwest

Sharp Sherbet Micro Weave

sharp sherbet

Retro Geometrics Micro Weave

retro geometrics

Minty Fragmentation Micro Weave

minty fragmentation

Vivid Variety Micro Weave

vivid variety

Trails Of The Southwest Micro Weave

trails of the southwest

Cool Southwest Micro Weave

cool southwest

Modern Angles Micro Weave

modern angles

Southwest In Bloom Micro Weave

southwest in bloom

Muted Melange Micro Weave

muted melange

Modern Mashup Micro Weave

modern mashup

Grayscale Patchwork Micro Weave

grayscale patchwork

Glamorous Geometry Micro Weave

glamorous geometry

Icy Assemblage Micro Weave

icy assemblage

Modern Patchwork Micro Weave

modern patchwork

Angles Of Deco Micro Weave

angles of deco

Deco Direction Micro Weave

deco direction

Bright Bricolage Micro Weave

bright bricolage

Metallic Mashup Micro Weave

metallic mashup

Aztec Heat Micro Weave

aztec heat

Modern Aztec Micro Weave

modern aztec

Midnight Gold Deco Micro Weave

midnight gold deco

Aztec Sunrise Micro Weave

aztec sunrise

Aztec Berry Bliss Micro Weave

aztec berry bliss

Aztec Citrus Micro Weave

aztec citrus

Mint & Copper Deco Micro Weave

mint & copper deco

Mid Warm Gray Micro Weave

mid warm gray

Light Warm Gray Micro Weave

light warm gray

Dark Cool Gray Micro Weave

dark cool gray

Dark Warm Gray Micro Weave

dark warm gray

Copper Noir Deco Micro Weave

copper noir deco

Moody Amber Micro Weave

moody amber

Moody Gold Micro Weave

moody gold

Light Cool Gray Micro Weave

light cool gray

Moody Blue Micro Weave

moody blue

Retro Dark Gray Micro Weave

retro dark gray

Retro Avocado Micro Weave

retro avocado

Retro Mint Micro Weave

retro mint

Mid Cool Gray Micro Weave

mid cool gray

Retro Mid Gray Micro Weave

retro mid gray

Moody Green Micro Weave

moody green

Black Micro Weave


Retro Blue Micro Weave

retro blue

Moody Warm Gray Micro Weave

moody warm gray

Lightest Cool Gray Micro Weave

lightest cool gray

Retro Turquoise Micro Weave

retro turquoise

Cream Micro Weave


Retro Light Gray Micro Weave

retro light gray

Moody Rose Micro Weave

moody rose

Moody Purple Micro Weave

moody purple

Moody Black Micro Weave

moody black

Retro Yellow Micro Weave

retro yellow

Retro Citron Micro Weave

retro citron

Moody Cool Gray Micro Weave

moody cool gray

Vibrant Dark Blue Micro Weave

vibrant dark blue

Retro Orange Micro Weave

retro orange

Retro Red Micro Weave

retro red

Vibrant Light Blue Micro Weave

vibrant light blue

Vibrant Pink Micro Weave

vibrant pink

Vibrant Green Micro Weave

vibrant green

Vibrant Red Micro Weave

vibrant red

Vibrant Yellow Micro Weave

vibrant yellow

Vibrant Purple Micro Weave

vibrant purple

Nordic Cool Gray Micro Weave

nordic cool gray

Nordic Yellow Micro Weave

nordic yellow

Vibrant Turquoise Micro Weave

vibrant turquoise

Vibrant Orange Micro Weave

vibrant orange

Nordic Orange Micro Weave

nordic orange

Nordic Cream Micro Weave

nordic cream

Nordic Turquoise Micro Weave

nordic turquoise

Nordic Blue Micro Weave

nordic blue

Nordic Green Micro Weave

nordic green

Nordic Pink Micro Weave

nordic pink

Nordic Purple Micro Weave

nordic purple

Nordic Red Micro Weave

nordic red

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