Home Office Collection

Work Comfortably From Home

Working from home? We’re here with home office furniture to help you be productive, comfortable, and focused while doing remote work.

A Modular

Designed to adapt to your lifestyle, The Jorn Desk requires zero commitment to one setup.

Each shelf type’s height and position along the back of the desk are adjustable and can be customized to meet the creative needs of your unique work environment.

You can even remove all shelves if you please for a more minimal look!

Stay Connected

Each Jorn desk surface features an inconspicuous media hole to keep your cords in check.

The built in shelf provides additional storage to support your daily grid and is designed set back near the center so as to not obstruct your WFH kinetics.

Work Surfaces

Whether you’ve got a favorite color, a thing for wood grain, or you simply dig trending patterns, your work surface is prime real estate to display your unique flair and an opportunity to fuel the creative in you.

A Sustainable Set-Up

Our desk materials are considered to meet some of the highest environmental standards in the industry. Think the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, LEED® accreditations, & FSC Certification (just to name a few).

We recycle any excess from each wood sheet we cut, in fact certain designs are even intended to absorb such “waste.” And as always, for every order placed with us one tree is planted.


Our FSC Certified, 100% Baltic Birch wood is precision milled in our US manufacturing facility to achieve seamless beveled edges.

Its surfaces feature an American Maple or Walnut veneer with a triple coat of UV cured clear, matte, eco-solvent finish.


Our made-to-order approach minimizes our environmental footprint.

We strive for a sustainable future and conserve earth's precious resources with each order.

We plant more trees, in your name, than were used in the manufacturing of your order.

Make Your Space Work for You

Customize furniture that’s made for business.

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