Invite & Earn

Invite & Earn

1) What is Invite & Earn program?

Invite & Earn is a Referral program on which gives you an opportunity to invite your friends to SnugSquare. Both you and your friends get rewarded through the Referral Program.

2) How Invite & Earn works?

With the referral program, you can invite your friends to SnugSquare and earn store credits. You can find your referral link on your account, under the tab called ‘Invite & Earn’. You can share it through social media or email.

Your friend needs to sign up using your referral link. This is mandatory. Post the signup process, your referrals will receive ₹2500 in their SnugSquare Wallet. When your referral places first successful order, you will be rewarded with 5% product value(excluding Taxes & Store credits).

3) Can I invite anyone?

Yes, you can invite any of your friends or acquaintances. Please ensure that invitees don't get spammed.

4) Where can I find my referral link?

Your referral link can be found on your personal account page - ‘Invite & Earn’ section.

5) How much can I earn?

Your earnings will be proportionate based on the conversion rate. There is no limit.

6) Is there a way for me to track the status of my referrals?

Yes, you can track your referrals. The information will be reflected in your ‘Invite & Earn’ section.

7) My referral forgot to use my referral link. Is there a way to track it back to my account?

It is mandatory to use your referral link during the signup process. If they do not use your referral link, we will be unable to track referrals back to your account.

8) Can I receive payment for previous customers I referred to before the Referral Programme was launched or before I signed up?

The Referral Program tracks only those referrals who are new to SnugSquare. We cannot grant referral credits to the customers who have signed up or registered before the program was launched.

9) Can I refer customers in any country?

To refer a prospective customer in a different country or region, you should register in the same region. For example, if you are residing in India, you will be eligible to refer prospective customers in the APAC region.

Please note: The ‘Invite & Earn’ program is valid only for Indian customers.

10) How can I use my store credits?

You can use your store credits during the checkout process.

11) Can I receive store credits for past purchases?

No. You won’t receive store credits on your previous purchase. Please ensure you create and login into your SnugSquare account before any transaction.

12) I referred to a friend but I didn't earn any credits!

Ensure that you have shared your unique referral link (URL) to your connections. Your referrals need to create their accounts through the URL link. If the purchase is not made from that account, you will not be entitled to the credits. Your referral should be a NEW customer and have no existing SnugSquare account.

13) Do the store credits expire?

There is no expiry date for store credits.

14) How do I view my store credit balance?

You can view your credit balance under “My Wallet” section in your account.

15) Is there a limit to the number of friends?

There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer.