Artisanal touch

From imagination to assembly, this is our jam. We design with intention. We source the finest materials. We craft with precision. We’d be lying if we said we rarely split threads because we believe in the gravity of detail. From the drafting board to the loading dock, you’re in good hands.

The benchmark

Honestly, it’s like an interrogation up in here. We have high standards and if you roll with us, quality isn’t something you’ll need to think twice about. Every corner of your creation goes through a rigorous system of quality-control checks to ensure they exceed our high standards of perfection before it stands in your home. We vow to send you something you’ll be proud of. Allow us to be the benchmark.

Zero compromise

We don’t like to compromise and we don’t think you should either. We believe that style, comfort, and quality are paramount from inception to completion and that you shouldn’t have to dip into your savings to get it. We cut out the middleman to bring you exceptional quality at great value. Don’t settle for anything less.

Easy to assemble

Yes, we do know furniture is always a hefty product. All our items are shipped in manageable, easy-to-handle boxes. You can find all the assembly instructions included with your shipment. Regardless, all of our products are designed to be assembled in a few minutes, in a few easy steps. No sweating or heavy-lifting required. Trust us!

Built to last

Furniture should be made for the home, not the landfill. All the furniture we sell at SnugSquare are of lasting quality with durable, premium materials for how people live today. Each piece of SnugSquare furniture is handcrafted from sturdy, sustainably-sourced hardwood and scratch-and-stain-resistant, non-toxic fabrics. Assembly & disassembly should be intuitive, making it simple to take with you through a move. And it’s not only about using quality materials, it’s about serviceability. Our modular designs allow for any part to be easily replaced if anything breaks.

Be good

The way we do things matters as much as the end result. We aim to do the right thing, treating our customers, suppliers, and each other with care and respect. Optimize for delight, not just profit.

Be genuine

We value sincerity and authenticity. The people behind SnugSquare are real people that want to make the world a more beautiful and lovely place for you to snug-in. Your whole experience is backed by our friendly customer support team who are available 7 days a week.