Dining Tables - Inspired by you

The Snugsquare Table has custom options that cater to you, because the only thing you should have to think about are your dinner plans.

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ELLE Dining table

Starting at ₹23890

Elle is the table King Arthur dreamt about.

TATE Dining table

Starting at ₹23890

Long edges and defined corners, the Tate’s got you covered.

kloss Dining table

Starting at ₹23890

With the Kloss, cutting corners is advised.

JAX Dining table

Starting at ₹23890

With the Jax you’ll see how cool it is to be square.

Legs are crucial. They’re what separates your table from everything else that just plain sits on the floor. Whether you go Retro or Modern, shiny brass or rich wood, know that you’ve got all the options at your command to give your dream design a leg up!