Start with a silhouette and color in the rest.

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  • Wood Finish

    Hand waxed finishes come in robust Expresso or Crisp Latte.

  • Surface Design

    Blast with over 190+ custom solid colors and designs.

  • Handle Style

    Get a grip on the details. Pair the perfect handle.

  • Base Style

    Styles for miles. Find your fav material, finish and looks.

Sideboards – Inspired by you.

Not just any Sideboard. It's a custom finished, 100% Baltic Birch SnugSquare sideboard.

If your house had a mouth, it'd be watering.

Your Style

Play around with all colors and textures.

Whether you decide to keep it classic with a natural wood surface, throw some color on it, or show your maximalist side with one of our original custom patterns.

This piece is 100% you.

Materials You Want

Your sideboard is constructed from 100% FSC-certified birchwood, so you know it's sustainable and dependable.

Woods and metals for the bases and handles are made from solid ash wood and high-strength, powder-coated stainless steel.

Don't worry, we'll never skip the details.

Life-Proof for
Your convenience

Our signature soft close doors protect against long term wear and add a graceful touch to each interaction.

What about cleaning? Feel free to wipe it with whatever cleaning products you have laying around the house.

It's life-proof for your convenience.

Versatile Function

This versatile piece is a star no matter where you put it, whether that's the dining room, living room, or sleeping quarters.

Anywhere you got stuff to store and stuff to display (like all those books you say you're going to read) the sideboard has your back.

Surprise in
Every Detail

Doors are finished with UV resistant film, and laminated with a soft matte pebble finish. What on earth does that mean? Its surfaces are glare-free, scuff resistant, BPA-free and FDA approved: you're welcome.

And base is composed of either solid ash wood or powder coated stainless steel and features self-adjusting, non-slip grips on the base of each foot.

365 Day Home Trial

Take your time to settle in your new design. In fact, take all four seasons if you have to!

You've got 365 days to try it out.


Our made-to-order approach minimizes our environmental footprint.

We strive for a sustainable future and conserve earth's precious resources with each order.

We plant more trees, in your name, than were used in the manufacturing of your order.

Visualize the Possibilities

Ask more from your furniture.

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