Lounge Chairs

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  • Upholstery

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Lounge Chairs Inspired by you

SnugSquare Lounge Chairs are for people who take lounging pretty seriously. We’re talking about custom stains and finishes, and over 200 upholsteries, so you can sit and ponder life in style.

Truly Custom

Play around and flip through all the colors and patterns!

When you've narrowed it down to your favorites, order some swatches for that IRL buzz. Next thing you know you'll be sitting plop right on top of your custom made throne.


Each lounge chair style comes with features that fit the pace of your unique life. Whether you want swappable custom seat pads with Vita, or Ace's sleek, easy-to-clean cushions, there's a chair here that's got you covered.

Your Comfort

The cushion & pillow of our Ace Lounge chairs are composed of multi-density polyurethane foam, tailored to your glutes and your lean. Both are wrapped in synthetic down padding (because you deserve it).


What's better than scoring furniture that comes in light-weight, easy-to-move boxes that ship like the wind?

That's why we design all of our pieces to ship flat-pack: and ensure that any item can be assembled in under 10 minutes or less.

No sweating or heavy-lifting required.

to Detail

Our lounge chairs come in a variety of materials and finishes, each one designed to add the perfect accent to your space, from the unique layered look of finished plywood edges, to the fine-grain details of solid ash wood.

365 Day Home Trial

Take some time to get acclimated to your new design. In fact, take all four seasons if you have to! You've got 365 days to try it out.

Still not satisfied? We'll take it back.

Visualize the Possibilities

Ask more from your furniture.

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