Dining Chairs

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  • Chair Style

    Seat yourself as you wish over 8 different silhouettes

  • Upholstery

    Light up your chairs with over 200 colors and designs

  • Base Style

    Whenever you like finished wood dowels, or modern brass, we got you covered.

Dining Chairs Inspired by you

These Dining Chairs are a custom wonder. Swap out or swap in on any detail you want. The result will always be as unique as you are.

Truly Custom

Make your dining set up a feast for the eyes!

With over 200 fabric options, and so many favorites to choose from, it won't be the casserole that your dinner guests are salivating over.

Quality Materials

Sit tight! Our dining chairs feature legs made from solid ash and high-strength powder-coated steel, and they're designed to carry up to 158 kgs/350 lbs.

So go ahead, help yourself to seconds.

Made For Life

Whether you like to change with the seasons, or you just feel like a quick refresh, our customizable and switchable seat pads are a great way to grab a new look without spending an arm and a leg.


Our dining chairs base is composed of either solid ash wood or powder coated stainless steel and features self-adjusting, non-slip grips on the base of each foot.

Customise Your

Each molded back & seat panel is topped with a firm foam-core base and layered with high-density polyurethane foam, designed to delight with every sit.

365 Day Home Trial

Take some time to get acclimated to your new design. In fact, take all four seasons if you have to! You've got 365 days to try it out.

Still not satisfied? We'll take it back.

Visualize the Possibilities

Ask more from your furniture.

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