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Known for being significantly softer to the touch than cotton & linen, Bamboo Bedding owes its supreme softness & sheen to the gentle nature of its fibers as well as the weaving process executed to produce each Bamboo Twill Sheet. Thread count, a measurement defined by the amount of threads that fill a square inch of a sheet, varies across materials and most of us are familiar with thread count only for cottons. For context, this is a 300-Thread-Count Sheet Set (above average for Bamboo sheets) which is actually comparative to a 1,000-Thread-Count cotton sheet set! We’re tellin’ ya… they’re soft.

The Test of Time

Bamboo Bed Sheets are celebrated for being more durable and stain-resistant than traditional sheet materials like cottons & linens, but why? The magic lies in the manufacturing process where the natural rayon fibers are stretched long across the sheet’s entirety as opposed to short fibers being intertwined. This makes Bamboo Sheets far more resistant to pilling & tearing! Not to mention, Bamboo’s antimicrobial properties enable it to resist mold, mildew and the oils from your skin. This means your Bamboo Twill Sheet Set will subsequently not change color over time. Stay fresh.

Keep Your

So you run hot? No sweat. If you’re interested in keepin’ cool in summer and cozy in winter, our lightweight thermoregulating Bamboo Twill Sheet Set is your snuggle match. Inherently breathable, Bamboo enhances airflow and maintains moisture-wicking properties that actually help adjust to your body’s temp through the duration of your Zs. We’re talkin’ sweet sweet dreams with no interruption.


Naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, our Bamboo Twill Bed Sheets reduce the amount of moisture residing in your bed which creates a safe environment for those of us with sensitive skin and allergies. Dust mites—the primary allergy culprits—are unwelcome guests in the Bamboo sanctuary and, most importantly, Bamboo’s innate properties make it very difficult for them to even exist there. Hallelujah.

A Sustainable

Bamboo, considered the world’s most sustainable and renewable hardwood, is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet and rarely requires any trace of chemicals or pesticides to flourish. A plant that thrives in arid areas and requires significantly less water than cotton to cultivate, Bamboo maintains an impressively small environmental footprint. Sleep well knowing you’ve got the most sustainable sheets on the market.

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